TP3SP Rules:


1a. The aim of the Twin Peaks 3rd Season Project (TP3SP) is to continue the spirit of the "Twin Peaks" (TP) TV series and prequel movie "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" (FWWM), in the tradition of David Lynch and Mark Frost (or as close to it as possible).

2a. The TP3SP will attempt to create a TP realistic 3rd Season based on an interwoven pattern of subplots, as was used in the series. The structure of these subplots, grouped together in episodes, will attempt to include all living TP characters and supernatural entities, including those still "alive" in the B/W Lodges.  Additional characters may be added if an agreement is reached among MEMBERS at the time.

3a. The process of writing a scene will consist of one MEMBER or several MEMBERS jointly writing the scene from the perspective of their character(s).  This must be done in PROSE so as to maintain continuity of format throughout TP3SP episodes, which will all be completed in that format.

4a. The element of co-ordination is to be incorporated in the planning and writing of every scene of every subplot. In order to facilitate this, scenes involving several characters and convoluted plots will be governed by an EPISODE DIRECTOR.

5a. The MEMBERS by way of a vote will informally choose the EPISODE DIRECTOR. EPISODE DIRECTOR voting is non compulsory, although if too little votes are cast there will have to be a re vote, or the EPISODE DIRECTOR may be appointed by at least two of the following: MODERATORS, LEADER and past EPISODE DIRECTOR.


1b. Every MEMBER is assigned one (1) or two (2) characters - no more. Exceptions to this will only be made on a per episode basis and only by the EPISODE DIRECTOR in order to include characters not currently taken by MEMBERS. Once an episode is written, the character is once again free to be taken by any MEMBER who does not have their limit of two characters.

2b. MEMBERS attain the privilege of playing any character(s) through an audition, which will then be mailed to the group email address (, for perusal. Members must post their intent to audition within one (1) week of being approved to the group, and must post their audition within one (1) week of notifying the group of their intent.

3b. Auditions should consist of scenes involving the character in question. Writing lines for other characters should be avoided, unless the person auditioning wishes to include a character they are currently writing for. A joint audition may be cast by two MEMBERS, as long as they have BOTH demonstrated the ability to write for their respective characters in that audition.

4b. The voting body for all auditions is comprised of all active MEMBERS.

5b. Votes should be sent to the VOTE COUNTER only if that MEMBER has a problem with the audition (i.e. they don't like it). All other MEMBERS don't have to do anything, and their lack of response will be noted as an act of approval for that AUDITION.

6b. The VOTE COUNTER via the group email address ( will report the results of the elections.

7b. If openings for characters occur in the middle of an EPISODE, these characters can be filled either by experienced MEMBERS with a single character or new MEMBERS who have proven their ability to write for that character in some way.


1c. The TP3SP starts at the end of the 29th EPISODE and should incorporate new information divulged in FWWM and draw upon the creative, yet REALISTIC, juices of the writer.

2c. In general, all sub-plots should be well grounded in the main plot as well as elements set forth in the regular series and FWWM, unless it is proven that new sub-plots are relevant.

3c. A MEMBER of the TP3SP can point out plots and actions by individual characters that contradict the standard set forth by David Lynch and Mark Frost in the series and FWWM. However, it will be up to the EPISODE DIRECTOR and the TP3SP LEADER to decide what does and does not go in.

4c. The EPISODE DIRECTOR and TP3SP LEADER deliberate dismissal of any character and recommendations are then put up for a vote. Once again, this is non compulsory.


1d. All finished scenes shall be posted to the EPISODE DIRECTOR via email. The finished EPISODE will be posted to the group email address ( and on the TP3SP web site.

2d. Any planning for scenes shall be discussed over some form of chat (ICQ, AIM, etc.) or through private email.

3d. All general discussion about the TP3SP should occur on the group email address (

4d. The TP3SP Web site shall keep an active roster of characters and scenes. Moreover, general comments can be posted to the group email address (

5d. The incorporation of new MEMBERS into the TP3SP shall be done by the WELCOMING COMMITTEE.


1e. The MEMBERS, the current EPISODE DIRECTOR and the TP3SP LEADER will uphold the rules governing the TP3SP.

2e. Amendments to the rules require a non compulsory vote to be emailed to the VOTE COUNTER.

3e. Flaming (defined as “rude or inflammatory non constructive criticism”) of other MEMBERS’ work or general abuse of any MEMBER or LEADER(S) will result in the offender being immediately and permanently dismissed from the TP3SP.

4e. Blatant disregard for the rules set forth will result in the offender being immediately dismissed from the TP3SP. Re-entry will only be considered after 6 months time, depending on the severity of the offense.


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