Cast & Crew

This is the writers list as follows. If you see someone who is missing or are interested in joining, please let me know.

TP3SP Writers List

Nick Bright- Cooper, Steve Clark**

Glen Fobister- Gordon, Dick, Bad Penny**

Autumn Gamble- Johnny, Sr. Droolcup

Amanda Hicks- Audrey, Annie

Karl Lehtonen- Andy, Lil' Nicky, Mary**

JennyEve Ramirez- Shelley, Nadine*

Open Characters to Write

Pete Martell; Lucy Moran; Ed Hurley; Norma Jennings;

Bobby Briggs; Catherine Martell; Windom Earle;

Jerry Horne; Eileen Hayward; Donna; Log Lady;

Sarah; Albert; Hawk; OAM; Harry; James;

Mrs Tremond/Chalfont; Dr Hayward; Dr Jacoby;

John J. Wheeler; Betty Briggs; Ronette Pulaski;

Mayor Milford; LMFAP/The Arm; Lana B. Milford

*Writing only temporarily

**New Characters

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