Interested in Twin Peaks 3SP?

First of all, we are only interested in people who are serious about it. Only join if you intend on contributing. This list is restricted, so you'll need to follow the "click here to join" link and then you will be a pending subscriber. You will receive an e-mail from one of the moderators giving you more information. You will need to reply to them w/your intentions and possibly the character you wish to write. After you have been accepted, you will need to write a short audition piece for the character you wish to write.

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How does it all work?

We are working from the last season's cliffhanger to write a thrid season for the show. All of our work is done in a prose format. We have (a) roving Director(s) and a committee to make sure all stories are flowing together and timelines are being followed. To write your character's scene, you will need to keep in touch with your fellow scene members via private e-mail, web site forum, ICQ, IRC or other chat. The Director(s) will keep in touch with you to make sure your scene coordinates with the other scenes in the episode. Before joining, please read our rules thoroughly, as we take this seriously.
List of TP3SP Rules
All episodes will go on the following page:
Twin Peaks 3SP Episodes
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What characters are open?

There are still plenty of characters, both major and minor, that need to be filled. You will need to write an audition for whatever character/s you would like to write. This will be either a joint audition between you and a fellow writer or just a scenario written by you. Remember, in a town like Twin Peaks, all characters are important! To see which need to be filled, please see our writers page.
TP3SP Writers List
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So, why are they all in Twin Peaks?

This page provides a summary of all the main
characters. There are a few we've added that
I will post as time permits. If you see any characters that are not posted here that should be, please e-mail me with that character. Thanks.
Character Summaries
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Memory need jogged?

Included in 1st and second episode guide are a brief summary, extra characters, original air dat and writer/director.
Episode Guide for 1st and 2nd Seasons.
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