Twin Peaks 3rd Season Project

"Thru the darkness of Future Past

the magician longs to see

one chants out between two worlds

'Fire - walk with me.'"

Welcome to the Twin Peaks Third Season Project's web site. Our goal is to write a third season for the television show, Twin Peaks. We are a group who write scenes together to form episodes. The episodes, of course, are for the much longed for 3rd season.

If you are unfamiliar, at the end of it's 2nd and final season, the television show, Twin Peaks ended on a cruel cliffhanger. We are trying to keep Twin Peaks alive while satisfying the need for a 3rd season.

Use the text links at the bottom to find your way around. I apologize for the pages that are under construction. If you have any ideas for us, please contact us.

Twin Peaks 3rd Season Project


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