Character Summaries

As part of this project, some of us might need a little reminder of our characters, situations, etc. This is also helpful if you are new or unfamiliar with Twin Peaks.

Special Agent Dale Cooper:
Dale was busy working on a case involving Teresa Banks, when he was called in for the Laura Palmer investigation. He was the "head honcho" of the case, so to speak.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman:
Local Sheriff. Harry has lived in Twin Peaks his entire life. He believes in the quality of life in TP, but is convinced that there's "a sort of evil in the woods." Harry is a "bookhouse boy."

Shelley Johnson:
Waitress at the "Double R Diner." High School drop out. Shelley is married to local drug pusher, Leo Johnson. She is having an affair with Bobby Briggs, local football hero/loadie.

Bobby Briggs:
Bobby's the local football hero. Boyfriend of Laura Palmer. Drug dealer and womanizer, Bobby is bad news. He was in business with Leo Johnson and having an affair with Leo's wife, Shelley. Can't seem to get along with his parents. (Smart-ass extrordinaire)

Benjamin Horne:
Benjamin Horne is one of the richest men in Twin Peaks. He is the owner of "The Great Northern Hotel," "One-Eyed Jack's," and "Horne's Department Store." He is always out for a greater profit. This usually means schemes. And this guy's the master. His main concern in the show seems to be the "Ghostwood Developement Project." His family usually ends up #2 in evrything. Later has strong desire to "do the right thing."

Donna Hayward:
Donna is Laura's best friend. They grew up together in Twin Peaks. Donna always seemed to be shadowed by Laura, but she was still a sweet girl. Falls in love with James Hurley, the wuss biker from hell. Dead-set on finding Laura's killer.

Audrey Horne:
Audrey is a girl who grew up with far too little attention. Daughter of Ben Horne, you can see why. She is very forward and is not afraid to be who she is. She spends a lot of the show pining after Special Agent Cooper. She goes through a lot of personal growth in the show. Especially when her true love, John Justice Wheeler, arives. Like Donna, she wants to find Laura's killer.

Doc. Hayward:
Will Hayward is the guy you call when anything goes wrong. This guy is all of modern medicine wrapped into one person! Father of Donna, he was very upset when Laura was found. He can be found getting into fights with anal-retentive F.B.I. Agents, and making house calls.

Norma Jennings:
Owner of the "Double R Diner," Norma was a former Miss Twin Peaks. Married to convict Hank Jennings. Norma is really in love with "Big Ed" Hurley. They have an on again off again affair. She is soft spoken and polite to all.

James Hurley:
James is a loner, a senstive outcast. He is a biker and was Laura's "side dish." After Laura's death, he became involved with Donna Hayward and Maddie Furgeson to find Laura's killer. Has a romance with Donna. James was involved in numerous, pointless sub-plots in Twin Peaks. He is also "Big Ed's" nephew.

"Big Ed" Hurley:
Ed Hurley is the owner of "Big Ed's Gas Farm," a small gas station/garage on the outskirts of Twin Peaks. He is married to Nadine Hurley, local nutcase. Ed is having an affair with Norma Jennings. Nice guy who lets you cry on his shoulder.

Pete Martell:
Pete was the one to find Laura's body (She's dead. Wrapped in plastic.") He is married to Catherine Martell, sister of the "late" Andrew Packard. Pete is what you might call, "one of the good old boys." He has a very kind temperment, despite of being married to one of the meanest women in TP. Has somewhat of a crush on Josie Packard.

Leland Palmer:
Father of Laura, husband of Sarah. Leland is a lawyer who works for Ben Horne. After Laura's death, he took took dancing and singing...lounge style. Was later convicted of killing Jeaques Renault. I'm not going to put any more on this, as not to spoil it for those who have not seen the whole seires.

Josie Packard:
Josie is the owner of the Packard saw mill. She inherited it from her "late" husband, Andrew. Josie grew up in Hong Kong, and has only lived in Twin Peaks for 6 years. Josie is seeing Sheriff Truman. She doesn't get along with her sister-in-law, Catherine. Is, perhaps best known, stuck in a drawer knob.

Katherine Martell:
Catherine runs Packard saw mill, which was once owned by her father. She met her husband, Pete, while he was working there. Catherine always has a scheme up her sleeve, much like Ben Horne, who she is having an affair with. She was trying to screw Josie out of the mill by running two books. She later gets the surprise of her life.

Leo Johnson:
Leo is the kind of guy who should be behind bars...permantly. He is a wife beater, a drug dealer, an (excuse my french) asshole, and a half wit. He likes to intimidate people and act really tough. Leo later gets manipulated by another man.

Deputy Andy Brennan:
Andy is sort of a sensitive, emotional man. He cries when confronted with terrible things. He is seeing the police dispatcher, Lucy Moran. He might have even fathered her child. ("I'm a whole damn town!") Later is ridiculed by Agent Rosenfield for his lack of intelligence.

Deputy "Hawk":
Tracker, artist, and poet, "Hawk" is the guy you call when something really big goes down. Wise and respectful, "Hawk" is the character many of wanted to see more of in TP. Definitely the guy you haope is looking for you when you're lost.

Laura Palmer:
Prom queen, daughter, friend, lover. Laura was one of the most popular girls in town. Always with a smile......
Did I forget drug addict, prostitute, liar, and cheater? Well, sorry about that! As the owls were, so was Laura. Not what she seemed. Died an unfortunate death that left the town's dirty laundry out to dry.

Madeleine Ferguson:
Maddy came to Twin Peaks shortly after Laura's death. She was cousins with Laura, and they were identical. She becamed involved with James and Donna to find Laura's killer. Was often found consoling her aunt and uncle. Her and James almost went too far with their friendship, but an untimely death prevented anything further.

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby:
He almost seems too kooky to be a psychiatrist. He was Laura's doctor, and seemed to be in love with her. He is most comfortable with Hawaiian methods. Is very coy when it comes time for questioning. Later helps the police out on a case by being hypnotized.

Sarah Palmer:
Mother of Laura, wife of Leland, and aunt of Maddie. Sarah has an almost psychic power to "see" things. Throughout the show, she was found having near nervous breakdowns, pulling her hair out and chain smoking. She helps the case by describing "Bob" to Deputy "Hawk" for a sketch.

Lucy Moran:
Sheriff's dispatcher. Lucy seems to have a need for absolute details. She explains everything in gross detail. She seems somewhat confused when others don't do the same for her. Deputy Brennan's main squeeze. Get's pregnant in the show by either Andy or Dick Treymane.

Jerry Horne:
] Ben's little brother. Most often seen with something in his mouth. Seems to be obsessed with food. He is a "lawyer," but not a very knowledgable one. Jerry has a big mouth and a little mind. He thinks a lot of women who give him entire legs of lamb.

Hank Jennings:
Convicted felon. Drug dealer, fraud, and murderer, Hank is exactly the person you don't want on your doorstep. He is married to Norma, local diner proprieter. In the show, he was involved with numerous schemes to earn some "real" money. In the end, well, we all know I think.

Albert Rosenfield:
Forensics department of the F.B.I. "Lacking in the social niceties." Albert is a bit of a smartass. He gave great one-liners throughout the show, and proved to us that he really has a heart of gold. Coop requested his help on the case, due to the fact that he was the best man for the job.

Major Briggs:
Father of Bobby, wife of Betty, and one extremely intelligent fellow. Has a very estranged relationship with his son and a seemingly great one with his wife. He is in the US Air Force working on Project Blue Book in Twin Peaks. A lot of what he wants to say is "classified" but he comes across as a morally superior human being.

Betty Briggs:
Wife of the "Major." Mother of Bobby. Betty wasn't featured much in Twin Peaks, but she seemed like a very supportive wife. She doesn't seem surprised when her husband goes missing for days.

"The Log Lady":
Otherwise know as "Margaret. She carries around her log, who, by the way, "does not judge," everywhere she goes. It is supposedly inhabited ny her dead husband's spirit. She says profound things that have come from her log. She is always there to help out Coop and the boys on the case at the strangest times.

Mike Nelson:
Wrestling champ at Twin Peaks High. One time boyfriend of Donna Hayward, and lover of Nadine Hurley. He is seen most in scenes with Bobby, who is his best friend. He is also seen being lovingly gazed at by Nadine and sneaking around the Great Northern.

Nadine Hurley:
One of TP's quirkiest characters. Wife of "Big Ed" Hurley and "girlfriend" of Mike Nelson. Has a major identity crisis after attempting suicide. Things were "hot and heavy" between her and Mike until the Miss Twin Peaks contest. In my opinion, that was a damn shame, what happened to Nadine there.

Eileen Hayward:
Wife of the Doc., mother of Donna and her crazy sisters, and ex-lover of Benjamin Horne. Eileen was spread thinly across Twin Peaks like piece of a patchwork quilt. She had a great personality, but was not featured much.

Sylvia Horne:
Wife of Ben and mother of Johnny and Audrey. Not much to say about Sylvia. She was only in three or four scenes throughout the show. She seemed to be in a unfortunate spot being married to Ben and having a family ridden with emotional problems.

The One Armed Man/Gerard:
A sort of key to the whole mystery of Twin Peaks/the Black Lodge/Laura's death, etc. "Without chemicals, he points." Helps out the investigation by introducing "Bob" to the show. Has an unseen connection to the LMFAP. Who is "the arm?"

A Red Room/Black Lodge Dweller. Talks very slow and unearthly. Likes to dance to "dreamy" music. Tells us all about Garmonbozia(sp?)/pain and suffering and formica tables. A major mystery in Twin Peaks.

"Bob" is much like the the one armed man. Only "Bob" has evil written all over him. He is the "entity" that needs a host to live. I think we all know who "Bob's" host is, so I won't put it for fear of spoiling it for others. "Bob" is one of the main focuses in Twin Peaks. A VERY important piece of the town.

Ronette Pulaski:
Ronette was with Laura at the time of her murder. Ronette was found by the railroad tracks shortly after crossing "her" bridge. She was severly assaulted and in shock. She remained in a coma for a long time. Through hypnotism, the police were able to get clues about what happened that night.

Singer/Julee Cruse:
The singer at the Road Hose who mesmerizes the people who hear her. She definitely has a dreamlike quality to her voice. A kind of hypnotic lull in it. Has been known to cause trances and other starnge goings on at her "gigs."

Agent Cooper's personal secretary/assistant/lover? Who knows? Diane is the gal that Agent Cooper sends all of his tapes to and asks for things from. She has came through for him during a crisis at the Great Northern. This we know.

That's all for right now, but I know I am missing quite a few characters like Johnny Horne, Mayor Milford, Lana, Droolcup, etc. I will get them up here as soon as possible.

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