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Saturday, December 19, 1998
We have completed the rough draft of our first episode and soon will have more highlights up here for you to muse over. Hope you are all enjoying our progress.

This will be a page to share with the public some of the ideas/situations we talk about in the group. Some will be discussion of previous happenings in the series, some directly related to characters in the future and some just ideas about everything. Check back often to see new highlights from the group. I chose to start off with a situation we were dealing with about resurrecting Windom Earle. We came to fondly call this:

The Windom Trials

Is anyone auditioning for Windom?... if not, does anyone have any objections to me playing him? I have been working on a audition even though the deadline has past. It is almost READY TO GO!.. If there are no objections I will post it when it is through. Believe me, If a 'DAMN good reason for Windom to be alive' is what is needed, I can give you one :) He was one of my favorite characters in the series and if given the chance, I would stay true to his character and motives.

I don't really agree that Windom should be considered 'dead' - Bob took his soul which might still leave a physical shell...or what about a scene where Bob lets Windom have his soul back...for a price...? Windom was a character of major importance to most of Cooper's sub-plots, before and after the TP storyline began, and I believe if we can pull off something as audacious as 'Pete survived a full-on bomb blast', then returning Windom to the story would not seem so clunky after all...

I have to say I agree on this one, although I think we should tread lightly when reincarnating "dead" characters. They were dead for a good reason and they need to have a damn good reason for coming back. Windom Earle was a big focal point in the end and I don't think he would've been disposed of so easily. I mean, look how many episodes Leland Palmer managed to sneak around in before being unmasked and done away with. This deserves some careful thought before bringing him back. I say that for now we should treat him as a very minor secondary character so that at least he has a person he belongs to, for when it's decided that it's his time to resurface.

And also we should go easy on the whole "bringing people back on the pretense that they're in the Black Lodge/possessed by a Black Lodge entity/trying to stop a Black Lodge entity." Realistically, somebody had to just die a plain old death in Twin Peaks. Not everyone had to end up in limbo. Pretty soon someone will try to find a way to bring back Dougie Milord as a Black Lodge resident!

Just my rambled thoughts! Have a great day everyone!! :oP

I agree with what Amanda and Melanie have said about "bringing back dead characters." There needs to be a logical justification, a justification that fits within the logic of TP, to be exact. I know that Lyons is itching to play Windom Earle, and I believe he should state to the group how exactly he envisions bringing Windom back without making it too "unrealistic." My personal feeling is that Windom's soul has been anhilated, but that there is a possibility of his continued existance within the "Lynchian parameters." Mark, give us your justification, please.

And also we should go easy on the whole "bringing people back on the pretense that they're in the Black Lodge/possessed by a Black Lodge entity/trying to stop a Black Lodge entity." Realistically, somebody had to just die a plain old death in Twin Peaks. Not everyone had to end up in limbo. Pretty soon someone will try to find a way to bring back Dougie Milord as a Black Lodge resident!

Thank you! I think this was one of the biggest problems in the first run. I think a lot of people have though about this and are going to put more thought into before bringing a character back through the black/white lodge. And, God help us if we see Dougie Milford make an appearance!!

don't forget how Annie Wilkes felt about bringing charcters back from the dead in Misery. Don't cop out on the story. If they are dead they are dead, but, in Twin Peaks, who knows. I do definitely think that Windom is lost forever in the Black Lodge, plus at the end of the series he wasn't laying on the ground with Dale and Annie.

i think we should let Mark petition the group about his theory on Windom survived and then decide. I agree too that we should not constantly resurrect people (I personally would bring back Josie, but that's just me ;) ) without a reason. But, Windom is a possibility and let's see what Mark has to say.

had the series continued, i'm very sure windom would have survived and continued to be a major player. HOWEVER, as everyone else has said, it is up to whoever wishes to play him, to tell us how this was done in a sensible(ish) manner...

yeah, in an issue i have lying around somewhere, the guy who played Windom Earle (kenneth welsh from memory, but don't quote me on that unless i'm right :) said that he was told that if the series were to continue his characters continued involvement was ASSURED.... they had a plan :)

Okay, we all agree that what we have here in regards to the Third Season Project is pretty special. So it goes without saying alot of thought has to be put into the areas that are ultimately delicate in nature. I think that Windom Earle's return is one of those areas- and it is for this reason that I am asking for everyone's input. First off, My audition is a scene that takes place a few hours before the Miss Twin Peaks contest, before Windom rigs the spider trap. How Windom comes back to the series is the subject here and I don't want it to be shoved in our faces RIGHT AWAY (bad memories of the old TPRPG Lodge raid). I want the scenes to unfold, the drama to build, and the secrets to float into the night- the way we remember.

So, now comes my request- I would like input from those interested on how Windom Earle should make his return. I will read every one of your ideas and make a decision to the best of my ability. Here is a piece of an interview with Kenneth (Windom) Earle from Wrapped In Plastic #20 :

KENNETH WELSH: HIDEAWAY is now out on the video shelves. I play this cop who interviews Jeff Goldblum and tries to warn him. They cut out my death scenes. [Laughter] Windom didn't get to have one. Well, he did! What am I talking about?! He had the ultimate death scene in Hell itself!

JOHN THORNE: We had a question about that in particular. It's still unclear what happened to Windom Earle. Maybe he didn't die.

KW: That was the idea. We didn't know for sure whether [the show] was going to be killed off or not. So the possibility was left open. Bob [Engels] was hinting that if the show did come back, Windom would be fairly prominent- that he could have been redeemed from there, in some way. He could have been pulled out.

I hope that helps a little.. I await your input and will get my audition out as soon as I can.. within a day or so.

I had an idea. maybe Bob (who took his soul) actually still has his soul somewhere. and he has to search out cooper to find bob. and maybe must save cooper to exorcise bob from him. a quick thought and rambling....

oops. my email didn't make any sense. okay maybe its like this... Bob has Windom Earle's soul. bob is in Cooper. Windom must save cooper to get soul back. Redemption for cooper and redemption for earle. bob escapes and enters pregnant annie's body? hah!

If you've got KW's word that Windom is coming back, that's good enough for me. Plus, I must say that it will be helpful for the major to have Windom around.

As far as how to bring him back, I really don't know. The only thing I can think of is maybe Bob doesn't want his soul. Kind of like how Bob didn't want to posess Bad Penny. The problem is, no one ever had their soul removed before in the series. What happens to them? I suppose they don't necesarily die. But what is left? Hah. Maybe it's the good Windom, and he's *so* good, he helps to get the bad Windom's soul back.

The other thing I was thinking was that the Major could find Windom on the ground in Glastonbery Grove when he comes to look for Cooper. He would be unconscious, so perhaps the good Major would take him to a nearby cabin to rest up. Then we could have the Windom/Major scene in the cabin in reverse. Plus, the Major could find Leo there, thus allowing him to survive and be in the 3rd season. As far as what Windom the Major finds, or why he is there, I don't know. Maybe the audience doesn't have to know either for a while, although I suppose it would be a good idea for us to figure it out beforehand.

These are just brainstorms, I'm not too firmly attatched to anything written above...

Somebody did lose their soul -- Josie. She weighed considerably less when she died! Now her soul was removed here on earth, and put into a wooden knob. Maybe Windom's sould could end up in an inanimate object or animal. Or how about him appearing in dreams to somebody trying to take their soul ala Bob and Leland/Laura.

He could be a permanent addition to the BL. I have a feelig much will happen there this season since it was so big a part of season 2. Just some thoughts. Brett (potential Harry -- writing audition tonight, late when the owls are out)

I don't know whom among you may have seen this, so I will put it up for everyone to peruse. A 'Sheeps' look at Windom

This is a great site with a lot of good speculation, but it's not a hard and fast true all the way. The beauty of Peaks is that none of us will ever understand it all, and I think some of these kids theories (see the giant and dwarf page for a real odd theory!) don't jibe with me! Some of it is very good, but some of it...well, let's just take it with a grain of salt! I was in a play once that was very abstract and we all fought over what it meant for weeks, in the end we finally all agreed we would act according to our own beliefs and not reveal to each other everything we thought it meant.

That about wraps up The Windom Trials. An interesting time for us in the group. We still await the famed Windom audition as of today, September 19th, 1998. I have been told by a trustworth source that we will be seeing it very soon. :)

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