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TP3SP Episode One (#3001)

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(This episode is long, so you might want to save it and read it offline.)

Twin Peaks 3rd Season Project;
Episode #3001
was written (scene by scene) by:

Andy, Lucy, Donut ~ Karl Lehtonen & Kearstin Ann Brawner
Audrey on Arrival ~ Amanda Hicks
Ben Wakes Up ~ Melanie Zecca, bugyell & Chris Travis
Meet Nurse Mary Christie ~ Karl Lehtonen & bugyell
How's Annie? ~ Don Hicks, Brett Cullum & Chris Travis
Leo's Dilemma ~ Don Hicks
Nadine: Part I ~ JennyEve Ramirez
Albert and Gordon Check In ~ Jim Geraghty, bugyell, Brett Cullum & Karl Lehtonen
Nadine: Part II ~ JennyEve Ramirez
Dr. Jacoby's Great Idea ~ Chris Travis
Nadine Locks Horns with Shelley: Part I  ~ JennyEve Ramirez
Catherine's Housecall ~ Christine Habermaas & Melanie Zecca
Nadine Locks Horns with Shelley: Part II  ~ JennyEve Ramirez
Andy & the Art of 'Fang Shoe' ~ Karl Lehtonen
Catherine & Pete: 'Blind Love' ~ Christine Habermaas & Mark Lyons
Bad Penny Meets BOB ~ bugyell & Don Hicks
James Hurley: 'California Screaming'  ~ Joel Aarons
Special Agent Dale Cooper: 'River's Edge' ~ Don Hicks
Albert: 'R&R at the Double R Diner'~ Jim Geraghty
The Good Dale is in the Lodge~ Nick Bright

~ in alphabetical order ~

Joel Aarons ~ James Hurley
Kirsten Ann Brawner ~ Lucy Moran
Nick Bright ~ Dale Cooper (In The Lodge)
bugyell ~ Jerry Horne, Gordon Cole and Bad Penny
Brett Cullum ~ Sheriff Truman
Jim Geraghty ~ Albert Rosenfelt and Deputy Hawk
Christine Habermaas ~ Catherine Martell
Amanda Hicks ~ Audrey Horne
Don Hicks ~ Leo Johnson and KILLER BOB
Karl Lehtonen ~ Andy Brennan and Mary Christie
Mark Lyons ~ Pete Martell
JennyEve Ramirez ~ Nadine Hurley and Shelley Johnson
Chris Travis ~ Doc Hayward, Dr. Jacoby and Mike Nelson
Melanie Zecca ~ Ben Horne

Interstices, Segues, Graphics and Layout ~ bugyell
Editing and Supervision ~ Don Hicks, JennyEve Ramirez and Melanie Zecca
Directed by ~ bugyell

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